Instant Messaging Development guide(IM)

Product Features

Lanying IM, developed by MaximTop team, is a new generation IM cloud service. Benefits from cloud-native technologies and multi-cloud architecture, the private cloud is charged monthly as well as the public cloud.

The SDK is designed in a minimalist approach and thus easy to integrate. Developers can effortlessly add chat functions to applications by integrating the SDK and the cloud API services.

The typical application architecture is as follows:

Lanying IM cloud open platform architecture
Lanying IM cloud open platform architecture

With the accumulation of instant messaging IM technology for more than ten years, Lanying IM SDK and service API have been optimized to provide more professional services through simpler interfaces.

One-click enable multi-cloud architecture, which is the unique advantage of Lanying IM Cloud Service.

One-click enable means from basic functions to service customization, all can be opened and used with one-click operation on the console; Multi-cloud architecture supports free migration of applications in different deployment modes of Public Cloud, Proprietary Cloud and Private Cloud, conforming to the business development stages, and implementing worry-free, seamless platform migration and switching.

With the omnipotent console, there are only two things you need to do, one is to integrate Lanying IM SDK on the client side, and the other is to connect Lanying API service on the server side. This paper mainly introduces the work related to client SDK integration.

Lanying IM SDK is cross-platform, including mobile (iOS/Android), PC desktop (Linux/Windows/Mac), Web browser (including H5) and WeChat applet. In order to maximize reuse and improve service quality, the IM SDK technology stack of Lanying is as follows:

Lanying IM SDK technology stack
Lanying IM SDK technology stack
  1. Unified design and implementation of binary instant messaging protocol XSYNC, providing C++ version and JavaScript version respectively;
  2. Encapsulate the C++ SDK of the whole platform based on C++ communication library, and continue to encapsulate the SDK of mobile (iOS/Android) and PC desktop (Linux/Windows/Mac) on this basis;
  3. Both mobile terminals encapsulate the local UI Kit library before implementing the Lanying IM DemoApp, but iOS and Android are slightly different. iOS encapsulates SDK through Object-C and then further transforms it into Swift library, while Android directly encapsulates Java library for upper layer use through Swig framework and JNI technology;
  4. PC desktop encapsulates C++ communication library through Electron, and shares a set of UI components implemented by Vue.js with Web browser end;
  5. Javascript communication library is provided to the Web browser (including H5) after being encrypted and encapsulated by WebAssembly;
  6. WeChat applet is different from Web browser except protocol library due to platform reasons. The system layer calls WeChat's network and repository, and the upper layer uses WeChat's UI Kit;

Access Guide for Beginners

Before you start integrating all clients, you need to create an application through Lanying IM cloud console, get the AppID of the application and set it on each side.

  1. Create account

Register and login Lanying IM Cloud Console

  1. Create application

After login, click to create application

After application created, App ID and other important information can be obtained in Application Information page; or you can click on the function page to configure it.


API Document

Server-side API

Private Deployment

Download the Installation package , then follow the steps from the console. View installation document for details.

Client SDK

The codename of Lanying IM SDK is Floo, which comes from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We'll use Floo to represent IMSDK in the following document.

API Details

  1. iOS API
  2. Android API
  3. Web API, WeChat applet API is exactly the same
  4. C++ API

Platform Compatibility

Lanying IM supports following platforms:

Platform Compatibility
iOS iOS 9.0 +
Android Android 4.1 +
Web IE 10 and above, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
PC Node.js version of the SDK supports Electron development framework, but only for x86_64 architecture
Linux C++ version of the SDK, supports x86/x86-x64/ARM/MIPS architecture


To be added, please refer Source update

Client Error Code

Error code Description
InvalidParam Input parameters are invalid
NotFound Operate object is NOT exist
UserNotLogin User have NOT signed in
UserAlreadyLogin User have signed in using another account
UserAuthFailed User sign in authentication failed, user name/id or password is incorrect
UserPermissionDenied User is NOT granted for the operation.
UserNotExist User is NOT exist
UserAlreadyExist User has already exist
UserFrozen User was frozen
UserBanned User was banned to send message
UserRemoved User account was removed
UserTooManyDevice User sign in from too many devices
UserPasswordChanged User password was changed from other device
UserKickedBySameDevice User was kicked out by the same device
UserKickedByOtherDevices User was kicked out by another device
UserAbnormal User sign in status is abnomal, advise to sign in again
UserCancel User cancel operation
InvalidVerificationCode invalid verification code
InvalidRequestParameter invalid request parameter(s)
InvalidUserNameParameter invalud username parameter
MissingAccessToken missing access token
CurrentUserIsInRoster current user is in roster
CurrentUserIsInBlocklist current user is in block list
AnswerFailed the application does not exist or has already expired
InvalidToken invalid token
RosterNotFriend User was not in roster friend list
RosterBlockListExist User was block by roster
RosterRejectApplication User application was reject by roster
GroupServerDbError Server db error
GroupNotExist Group NOT Found
GroupNotMemberFound User is NOT group member
GroupMsgNotifyTypeUnknown Unknown msg_notify_type
GroupOwnerCannotLeave Owner can not leave group
GroupTransferNotAllowed Group only can transfer to group member
GroupRecoveryMode Group is recovery mode
GroupExceedLimitGlobal Global group count exceed limit
GroupExceedLimitUserCreate Group count user created exceed limit
GroupExceedLimitUserJoin Group count user joined exceed limit
GroupCapacityExceedLimit Group capacity exceed limit
GroupMemberPermissionRequired, This operation needs group member permission
GroupAdminPermissionRequired, This operation needs group admin permission
GroupOwnerPermissionRequired This operation needs group owner permission
GroupApplicationExpiredOrHandled, Application has expired or be handled
GroupInvitationExpiredOrHandled, Invitation has expired or be handled
GroupKickTooManyTimes User has been kicked too many times
GroupMemberExist User is already in group
GroupBlockListExist User is in group block list
GroupAnnouncementNotFound Group announcement is not found
GroupAnnouncementForbidden Group announcement has been forbidden by system admin
GroupSharedFileNotFound Group shared file is not found
GroupSharedFileOperateNotAllowed Do not have permission operate shared file
GroupMemberBanned Group banned member to send message
SignInCancelled Sign in operation was cancelled
SignInTimeout Sign in operation was timeout
SignInFailed Sign in operation failed
DbOperationFailed Datebase read/write failed
MessageInvalid Message is invalid
MessageOutRecallTime Out of recall permission time
MessageRecallDisabled Disable recall message
MessageCensored Message include censored content
MessageInvalidType Message don't support the operation
ServerNotReachable Server is NOT reachable
ServerUnknownError Unknown server error
ServerInvalid Server is invalid
ServerDecryptionFailed Server decryption failed
ServerEncryptMethodUnsupported Server don't support encrypt method
ServerBusy Server is busy
ServerNeedRetry Server need retry
ServerTimeOut Server time out
ServerConnectFailed Server connect failed
ServerDNSFailed Server get DNS list failed
ServerNeedReconnected Server changed need reconnect again
ServerFileUploadUnknownError Server file upload unknow error
ServerFileDownloadUnknownError Server file download unknow error
ServerInvalidLicense Server invalid license
ServerLicenseLimit Server license limit
ServerAppFrozen Server App frozen
ServerTooManyRequest Server too many request
ServerNotAllowOpenRegister Server not allow open register
ServerFireplaceUnknownError Server Fireplace unknown error
ServerResponseInvalid Server response invald
ServerInvalidUploadUrl Server invalid upload url
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